Journal of Neurorestoratology


Archive: Volume 2, 2014


Fetal stem cells in  combined treatment of chronic heart failure and their effect on morphofunctional  parameters of the left ventricle myocardium and cognitive  functions

Klunnyk MO, Sych NS, Matiyashchuk IG, Ivankova OV,  Skalozub MV, Journal of  Neurorestoratology 2014, 2:107-117


Full spectrum  neurorestoratology: enhancing neuroresponse to  disasters

Andrews RJ, Quintana L, Journal of  Neurorestoratology 2014, 2:95-106


A long-term, complex,  unitary appraisal regarding neurorestorative, including neurorehabilitative,  outcomes in patients treated with Cerebrolysin®, following traumatic brain  injury

Daia CO, Haras M, Spircu T, Anghelescu A, Onose L,  Ciurea AV, Mihăescu AS, Onose G, Journal of  Neurorestoratology 2014, 2:85-93


Bone loss following  spinal cord injury

Otom AH, Al-Ahmar MR, Journal of  Neurorestoratology 2014, 2:81-84


Rotenone-induced  nigrostriatal toxicity is reduced by methylene  blue

Abdel-Salam OME, Omara EA, Youness ER, Khadrawy  YA, Mohammed NA, Sleem AA, Journal of  Neurorestoratology 2014, 2:65-80


Cerebrolysin protects  against rotenone-induced oxidative stress and  neurodegeneration

Abdel-Salam OME, Mohammed NA, Youness ER, Khadrawy  YA, Omara EA, Sleem AA, Journal of  Neurorestoratology 2014, 2:47-63


Efficacy of fetal  stem cells in Duchenne muscular dystrophy  therapy

Sych N, Klunnik M, Ivankova O, Matyaschuk I,  Demchuk M, Novytska A, Arkhipenko I, Shalita I, Siniscalco D, Journal of  Neurorestoratology 2014, 2:37-46


Respiratory muscle  aids to avert respiratory failure and tracheostomy: a new patient management  paradigm

Bach JR, Mehta AD, Journal of  Neurorestoratology 2014, 2:25-35


Review of recently  documented clinical neuroprotective and cellular treatment for spinal cord  injury: an analysis of outcomes

Saberi H, Derakhshanrad N, Yekaninejad MS,  Journal of  Neurorestoratology 2014, 2:15-24


Molecular and  structural bases for postsynaptic signal processing: interaction between  postsynaptic density and postsynaptic membrane  rafts

Suzuki T, Yao WD, Journal of  Neurorestoratology 2014, 2:1-14

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